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Benefits of Spray Tanning

Let’s talk about Custom Spray Tanning!

It’s Resort and Prom Season so let’s ensure we are treating our skin with the utmost care while achieving a beautiful glow or an unstoppable bronzed look for our special occasions!

Spray tanning is one of the ways to get that bronzed “off the beach” look without sun exposure. Most of us use bronzer for our face to achieve a sun-kissed look, but when you take your makeup off, you’re back to your original skin tone, leaving us longing for a tan that lasts a little bit longer. As many of us already know, skin that is overexposed to the sun is prone to premature ageing, sunburn and other skin conditions. We need alternate solutions and we are thrilled we can offer you a safe tan!

The other benefit of custom spray tanning is it can make you look 10% leaner! Did you ever notice professional fitness competitors always compete with a dark tan? Hmmmm...makes sense, right?

Sometimes clients want a soft glow and others want to look bronzed - think J-LO... either way we offer the perfect color range for your customized look. What’s gratifying is you will see immediate results within hours as it develops.

At Beauty and Main, we offer St.Tropez Original and Organic Solutions for those who are ingredient focused.

If you would like to learn more about Custom Spray Tans call us and speak with our Tan Specialists - Cathy V. and Amanda C.

Happy Safe Tanning!